Saturday, February 12, 2011

LONG TIME AGO, P.S : I'm totally normal

This scene was about 2 years ago via Yahoo!Messenger - a silly bullying by us (me and dr.wawan harimawan hardjowinoto) to my dearest sister mirna piay (hey, remember me?hihi)

This conversation that you will read above is totally REAL, but actually what they were talking about ISNOT REAL, (just for the clarification - i am normal, but i dont know how about mr.wawan ;p


1. Wawan Harimawan Hardjowinoto - in this scene we know as Wa2n_cast - one of our good guy in medstudent - a ginecomastya - partygoes

2. Mirna Piay - in this scene we know as vanilla_latte_92 - my sister from JHS - underpressurred & little hyperbolism ;)

Here is it, after exploring old notebook, i've got this stuff in notesform - please enjoy it fellas

the text with ( ...) and * , are my additional comment 

wa2n_cast (10:44:43 PM): mirna
vanilla_latte_92 (10:44:48 PM): iya ?
wa2n_cast (10:44:50 PM): temennya sopyan kan?
wa2n_cast (10:46:17 PM): ssttt sssttt
wa2n_cast (10:46:23 PM): hmmmm
vanilla_latte_92 (10:46:46 PM): kenapa bang >>
vanilla_latte_92 (10:47:15 PM): mirna salah apa ? 
vanilla_latte_92 (10:47:30 PM): mirna ga maksud ngerebut mas sopian dari abang ..
wa2n_cast (10:47:40 PM): :))
wa2n_cast (10:47:46 PM): wkwkwkwkwkwkwkw
wa2n_cast (10:47:53 PM): kw pun lucu kali
vanilla_latte_92 (10:48:07 PM): abang sukak ma sopian ya ???
wa2n_cast (10:48:13 PM): iya mir
wa2n_cast (10:48:18 PM): aku suka sama dia (*astafirulloh)
vanilla_latte_92 (10:48:27 PM): wew
wa2n_cast (10:48:29 PM): tapi kalian udah saling suka ya?
vanilla_latte_92 (10:48:34 PM): ya ampunn ...
vanilla_latte_92 (10:48:39 PM): dia itu kakak aku bang ..
wa2n_cast (10:49:45 PM): oh.
wa2n_cast (10:50:01 PM): jadi kw ga ada hubungan asmara ma dia kan?
vanilla_latte_92 (10:50:33 PM): ga bang . sumpah ! kami itu cuma kk adek dari smp
wa2n_cast (10:51:16 PM): beneran kw ni?
wa2n_cast (10:51:35 PM): soalnya pas aku jalan sama dia, dia ngakunya udah punya pacar cewek, anak sma.itu kw?
vanilla_latte_92 (10:51:42 PM): iya bang ! ga bohong .. sumpah .. sedikit pun ga ada hubungan
vanilla_latte_92 (10:51:48 PM): bukan bangggggggg
vanilla_latte_92 (10:51:50 PM): bukan akuuu
vanilla_latte_92 (10:51:55 PM): bang ampun laaa
wa2n_cast (10:52:34 PM): beneran kau ni?
wa2n_cast (10:52:43 PM): soalnya denger2 dia deket sama kau
vanilla_latte_92 (10:53:07 PM): ya deket tapi bukan pacaran
vanilla_latte_92 (10:53:15 PM): yah udah , abang ikat aja dia
vanilla_latte_92 (10:53:19 PM): ribet amat !
wa2n_cast (10:53:38 PM): yauda deh
wa2n_cast (10:53:47 PM): kw ada tau cowok/cewek lain yang deket sama dia
wa2n_cast (10:53:48 PM): ?
vanilla_latte_92 (10:54:05 PM): makk
vanilla_latte_92 (10:54:09 PM): seram bah
vanilla_latte_92 (10:54:23 PM): oh banyak bang (*gk mau lagi aku cerita lain kali wkwkw)
vanilla_latte_92 (10:54:26 PM): makanya bang
vanilla_latte_92 (10:54:29 PM): apalgi ?!
wa2n_cast (10:54:29 PM): si sopi lagi sering gitu dia, akw sering liat dia sama cewek, apalagi cowok.
vanilla_latte_92 (10:54:33 PM): ratakan lah
wa2n_cast (10:54:59 PM): eh, akw ga kayak gitu ya
wa2n_cast (10:55:14 PM): akw lagi cemburu berat ni
wa2n_cast (10:55:26 PM): eh jangan2 kw bru tau kalo sopi h*mo? (*alamak fitnah)
vanilla_latte_92 (10:55:55 PM): ga bang
vanilla_latte_92 (10:56:01 PM): uda tau lama jugak si bang (*efek kena mop di atas wkwkwk)
wa2n_cast (10:56:07 PM): SERIUS KAU
vanilla_latte_92 (10:56:09 PM): dia sukak sama yang pake kacamta katanya
vanilla_latte_92 (10:56:11 PM): iya bang
vanilla_latte_92 (10:56:15 PM): ga bohong aku bang
wa2n_cast (10:56:22 PM): aku paling ga suka dibohongi cewek
wa2n_cast (10:56:33 PM): mentang2 kami h*mo bukan berarti kami bisa dihina hina ya (*MY FAVE WORDS, GOOOD JOB wkwkwkw)
vanilla_latte_92 (10:57:28 PM): mak
vanilla_latte_92 (10:57:58 PM): ga bangg
wa2n_cast (10:58:36 PM): kau pake kacamata?
vanilla_latte_92 (10:58:43 PM): ngga bang
vanilla_latte_92 (10:58:48 PM): mataku masih bagus
vanilla_latte_92 (10:59:44 PM): bang
vanilla_latte_92 (10:59:47 PM): cabut bang (*udh don ini keknya hihihi)
vanilla_latte_92 (11:00:05 PM): selamat sukses la ya bang
wa2n_cast (11:00:09 PM): eh bentar
wa2n_cast (11:00:11 PM): bentar
vanilla_latte_92 (11:00:13 PM): udalah
vanilla_latte_92 (11:00:18 PM): seram kkali pun!
vanilla_latte_92 (11:00:25 PM): uda cukup bang tanya2nya
wa2n_cast (11:00:30 PM): hus hus
wa2n_cast (11:00:32 PM): sofyanandri: MAAF YA ADEE MIRNAAA
wa2n_cast (11:00:34 PM): :))
wa2n_cast (11:00:36 PM): hahahahahahaha
wa2n_cast (11:00:39 PM): candaaa kamiiii
wa2n_cast (11:00:42 PM): :P:P:P:P:P
wa2n_cast (11:01:04 PM): kalopun jadi homo pun aku mana napsu sama yang pantatnya tepos kayak dia mir (*SIALAN)
wa2n_cast (11:01:05 PM): :))
wa2n_cast (11:01:16 PM): eh eh
wa2n_cast (11:01:21 PM): yang jelas aku bukan homo ya
vanilla_latte_92 (11:01:28 PM): seram bangg
wa2n_cast (11:01:29 PM): kalo dia homo mungkin sih
wa2n_cast (11:01:32 PM): hahahahaa
wa2n_cast (11:01:36 PM): kw serius kali pun
vanilla_latte_92 (11:02:19 PM): ya abang pun !
vanilla_latte_92 (11:02:22 PM): pakek ngancam !
vanilla_latte_92 (11:02:25 PM): dihina2 lah
vanilla_latte_92 (11:02:27 PM): mana ada ngina !
wa2n_cast (11:02:33 PM): =))
wa2n_cast (11:02:39 PM): BAGHHH
wa2n_cast (11:03:21 PM): yodaj
wa2n_cast (11:03:23 PM): yodah
wa2n_cast (11:03:34 PM): jadi masih takut ko sama kami?
vanilla_latte_92 (11:03:53 PM): lumayan (* :S)

Well well thats all folks, good job for our master mister wawan harimawan hardjowinoto - sepertinya anda sudah terlatih sexy chitchat di situs homo awkwkwkwk, 

Hey adee mirna, remember this scene?apakah you benar benar berpikir demikian saat itu?hahahaha katanya you know me so well 

At least, sorry for the inconvenience, maaf buat yang merasa tersinggung di luar sana, no offense, ini hanya joke wokeh?Thankies for reading :) enjoy everything!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Thats what they say
Its a good advice, but its not very practical
When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back
When someone wrongs us, we want to be right
Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled, old wounds never heal
And the most we can hope for

Is that one day we'll be lucky enough to forget?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


your mischievous smile

your rather weird hair :p

your sense of humor

your preverse mind

the ocassional annoying conversation

the funny random noises you make

how you know most of the things on my mind


My Life According to CAMERA OBSCURA

Udah lama ga ngobrak ngabrik facebuk dapet notes lama lama hihi silakan dinikmati

Using only song names from ONE BAND or ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions :>

Describe yourself: Teenager

How do you feel: Let Me Go Home

Describe where you currently live: Other Towns and Cities

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Lunar Sea

Your favorite form of transportation: Marathon Not A Sprint

Your best friend is: Pen And Notebook

You and your best friend are: Eighties Fan

Favorite time of day: Honey in the Sun

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Llyold, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken

What is life to you: Arrangements of Shape and Space

Your relationship: Careless Love

Your fear: Away With Murder

What is the best advice you have to give: Let's Get Out of This Country

How I would like to die: If Looks Could Kill

My soul's present condition: Shine Like a New Pin

My motto: Underachievers Please Try Harder


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hey pay me no attention




- life is like football, sometimes you make a blunder, that is hard to be forgiven :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

There are things that is better left unsaid

Hello dear readers. sedikit repost dan sedikit diambil dari pengalaman pribadi, here is it


1.Love each other (must!)
2.Dont lie
3.Keep communication open
4.Stay sweet :)
5.When you get hurt just forgive and forget
6.Never talks about break-ups
7.Never say its okay - when its not
8.Forget about PRIDE (can you?i know you cant)
9.If you say sorry, MEAN IT !
10.Dont compare your PAST with your PRESENT
11.Dont talk about your stupid-ex (well save his photo maybe not a good idea too)
12.Give and take process
13.Beware of her feelings
14.When you had a fight, dont let the day pass, :( sorry
15.Dont be the perfect one, BE THE RIGHT ONE

any advice?

well, when the world turns upside down, its nice to have someone upside down with you :)
thankyou for all memories

its not the goodbye that hurts but the flashbacks that follow
maybe we will holding hands once again, someday, i love you F :*