Monday, August 30, 2010

There are things that is better left unsaid

Hello dear readers. sedikit repost dan sedikit diambil dari pengalaman pribadi, here is it


1.Love each other (must!)
2.Dont lie
3.Keep communication open
4.Stay sweet :)
5.When you get hurt just forgive and forget
6.Never talks about break-ups
7.Never say its okay - when its not
8.Forget about PRIDE (can you?i know you cant)
9.If you say sorry, MEAN IT !
10.Dont compare your PAST with your PRESENT
11.Dont talk about your stupid-ex (well save his photo maybe not a good idea too)
12.Give and take process
13.Beware of her feelings
14.When you had a fight, dont let the day pass, :( sorry
15.Dont be the perfect one, BE THE RIGHT ONE

any advice?

well, when the world turns upside down, its nice to have someone upside down with you :)
thankyou for all memories

its not the goodbye that hurts but the flashbacks that follow
maybe we will holding hands once again, someday, i love you F :*

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